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Pobst Position: Assaults and Trips into Walls
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Alright, I got some hate mail! You're alive out there! My recent column on qualifying elicited a few strong responses that I am happy to have. Please write any time, but be careful not to disagree with me, or that's going straight into file thirteen.

It has been my great privilege to be on a long leash here at SportsCar, thanks to my longsuffering editor Philip Royle, and to Richard James before him. If my column sometimes offends, good, let me know, and let's learn from it. I will share unvarnished emotion and opinion. You want pc, try a flight magazine, all sugary sing-song.

Thank you to John Lindquist and Terry McDermott for writing about my comments on a quick trip into the wall, and my cheering an assault in the paddock. Regular readers are probably sick of my constant preaching about respect and clean driving, and believe me, SCCA'ers, I'm still on that soapbox. I have taken the liberty of expressing the anger I feel in the race car when another driver tries to block one of my qualifying laps, and I am sure I am not alone. Driver Andy Lally, one of my favorites, just sent me a photo of the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate he presented to another car, blocking him at the Rolex 24 to gap a teammate Andy was chasing. Oooh, that burns me up (Hooray, Lally's car still won). No, I do not punt anyone, I graduated anger management, but sometimes I'd like to. The point I make with this admission is that our behavior on the track helps create the racing environment we will live in. If I play dirty, I will get that back later. We reap what we sow.

I know it was also outrageous to admit I was glad my respected competitor grabbed that blocking bad boy by the shirt, and yes, I am wrong to feel that way. But you know what? That's exactly how I felt. This guy had been messing up competitors' laps in qualifying for years, and even a good man has his limits. You shall reap what you sow. In my opinion, Mr. Screw-the-Other-Guy was the responsible party. John mentioned three GCR references: 2.1.4 "reckless and dangerous driving", 2.1.7 "unsportsmanlike conduct", and 2.1.8 "physical violence towards any other competitor." Mr. S-t-O-G had already violated the first two many times, thereby bringing the third upon himself, reaping what he had sown from an otherwise good man. Yes, assault is very wrong under any circumstance, and can land you in jail...but I cheered when I heard. PS: Never committ assault. There.

I also want to mention my comment about "yard-trash cars." This refers to any car that is slower than me, price independent. I do not want anyone or anything to interfere with my perfect lap, and I have the cold, calculating mind of an executioner in my pursuit of that goal. Having built and raced several ITB and ITC cars for low-low dollars, far be it from me to look down my nose, don't you worry. I put a competitive Ford Fiesta ITC car (okay, so it won't touch a Rabbit once you shift to fourth) on the track in 1990 for about nine hundred bucks, including tires, cage, paint job and the car itself! I'm prouda that. The "trash" comment is from my in-car race warrior voice. Always in control and in sportsmanship, yes, but outta my way if you're slower, yard trash. The hungry bear, not the wounded fawn. Like the "My Fast" in those VW commercials a couple years ago. You know the feelin'.
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