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Pobst Position: Dreams
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I just woke up from a recurring dream: I'm at a race. It's starting soon, and I need to fuel the car. It is Mike Levita's TPC Racing team, sorta, yet Jeremy from the K-PAX Racing crew is there. Time is getting very short. No fuel, not in race gear yet, and I'm driving around the paddock not knowing where to get gas or how to get to pre-grid. I have dreams like this yearly or so, except I just had another again last night after starting this story. Yet, in twenty-six seasons of racing, I have never missed a start. Not from sickness, not from traffic, not from misreading schedule. Except the first one. Yes, almost, at my very first race, the inaugural Firestone Firehawk at Sebring in 1986. Had everything ready, about to pull on grid, then thank goodness the wife of the friend crewing for me asked if I had gas. Wull sure...uh...NO, ahhh! Mad thrash! They held the race for me. That never happens. But, the field they had for Compact Class (B-Spec circa 1986) was very small, and I was gridded second, and they needed me for the show (lucky it was pro race). Finished second by a bumper, by the way. But still I dream those racing anxiety dreams.

Some people tell me how lucky I am to be paid to race, but there is a flip side: insecurity. Most of us pros are not too sure what we will be doing next season, and certainly not the season after that. No pensions here, friends, no sick days or tenure. One must be comfortable living on faith that something will come through. Fortunately, I am. Never been much of a planner. It is show business, after all. I think it must be very similar to life in Hollywood, always scouting for deals, connections and networking. And, "It's who ya know." I'm sitting here in the off season waiting to get the word from K-PAX and Volvo that we are doing it all again. All signs are go, but until the ink is dry on the contract, or the commitment made on the phone, there remains that little uncertainty. Successful long-term pro drivers do a good job of creating more security. Me? I think I have been quite lucky, tell ya the truth. We can ask for multi-year contracts, but I have found that to be rare. I am happy for the five-year relationship I have had with K-PAX and six seasons with Bob Raub's 3R Racing. We are truly like family. Well, I sure hope they think so about now, ha. One worry is that the rest of the racing world thinks so, too. Oh, Randy's a K-PAX guy, I'm sure he is not available. I sure hope I am not.

Funny, as I am writing this column, a call comes from out of the blue. A racing acquaintance of mine has a customer who wants to build the fastest car on any/every track in the world, and would I like to drive it? Hmmm. Road course, yes. Oval track, mayyybe not...(250 mph at Indy, anyone?) Hope this works out. And I hope it is properly funded. No rules, doesn't that make your engineering sense shiver with delight? How would you design it? Where would you start? F1? But those cars are so restricted to slow them. Narrow, small wings, unfaired wheels. I told them: max out torque and downforce, and the rest will take care of itself. Maybe racing is not so bad after all? Maybe that next call will be the next great opportunity? Have faith, and ignore the bad dreams.
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